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2018 Edition: “Proud otherwise”

Quebec City Pride

The 2018 edition of the Quebec City Pride took place from Thursday August 30 to Sunday September 2, and was celebrated under the theme “Proud otherwise”. Once again, the festival stood out from other Prides by its local, family and committed aspect. This year offered a series of conferences, panels and activities focusing on ways to “Build differently”. The goal was to celebrate diversity while becoming better agents of change. The effort put on mobilization, popular education and awareness emerged during the event by demonstrating an active population on social networks and involvement during the Festival.

FAEC2018 poster
Other highlights

Green shift

With the goal of becoming more eco-responsible, measures have been put in place. Volunteers received reusable water bottles to reduce the consumption of plastic water bottles at the event sites. In addition, water fountains that we put free at hotspots offered an ecological alternative to festival-goers. For the same purpose, we also offered the possibility to buy eco-cups for the consumption of beers, spirits and liqueurs.